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I can help.


I can help.

Your readers aren't paying attention.

They’ve got busy lives, things to do.

Why should they even look at your website, pack copy or letter?

I’ll help you get to the point, and get on with saying it.

I’ll bring a fresh pair of eyes and a sharp sense of what’s necessary.

And together, we’ll create communications that hit the mark first time, every time.



Clear and effective business writing doesn’t mean simple, dumbed-down or boring.

Instead, it means talking directly to your reader. Answer the questions they have. See it through their eyes. That’s how you build a relationship.

  • Web copy
  • Email and content marketing
  • Annual reports
  • Brand guidelines
  • Customer letters and literature
  • Internal comms


I have years of experience of helping people improve their writing. I know what really works, and what’s just a distraction.

Whether it’s a broader workshop or one-to-one coaching, I’ll agree specific goals with you, plan training which works, and then suggest the approaches that will really drive results.

  • Writing workshops
  • One-to-one tuition
  • Writer coaching


Language matters to your brand. It’s how people hear you, and it’s how they hear your competitors.

I can audit the way your organisation sounds – from a single campaign to your whole business’ way of speaking. And I can use those insights to give you clear, usable brand tone of voice guidance.

  • Language audits
  • Competitor audits
  • Tone of voice and brand voice development

Pete is one of the few copywriters I can absolutely depend on to get it right... Pete is the full package — masterful copywriter and editor, tone of voice specialist, usability expert, facilitator and presenter.

We recently completed a big campaign for a very big company, and Pete was the one whose copy the client loved most of all. When expectations are high, Pete is a writer I always turn to.

- Thomas Heath, The Art of Explaining

Not only is Pete one of the clearest thinkers alive, and one of the most talented writers. He’s also a joy to work with – deeply interested, responsive, disciplined, diligent and fun.

- Ben Afia,


From minimalist start-up websites to rewrites managing hundreds of letters and several writers, I’ve tackled all sorts of interesting projects as a writer. Find out more about my work here.

About Pete

When I discovered copywriting I was all at sea. Literally.

I was in a sea kayak, paddling away from the North Wales coastline to a rocky, exposed seal colony.

Strong wind.

Bad visibility.

That sort of thing.

That was when the friend I was with suggested a career change. Copywriting. It captured my imagination, so I put my first-class English degree to use and started building a portfolio and meeting clients. I started with small businesses in Nottingham, rewriting all sorts. Boring brochures. Forgettable fliers. Woolly websites. I’ve transformed them all.

Since then, more and more businesses have been getting to grips with their language. They’re finding how it has a fundamental effect on how their customers feel about them, and I’ve been at the forefront of the tone of voice revolution.

I’ve worked with all sorts of clients. East Midlands spring factories and skyscrapers in the square mile. Pressure-cooker ad agencies and mountain bike centres in the woods in Wales. And whatever the size or scale of your business, I can help you get to the point.

Pete Cornes

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