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Your readers aren't paying attention.

They’ve got busy lives, things to do. And whatever you think, they aren’t hanging on every word of your website, pack copy or letter.

Which is why you need to get to the point. Be direct. If you’re stuffy, clever-clever or over-familiar, you’ve lost them.

I’ll help you work out what’s important, and help you get on with saying it. A fresh pair of eyes and a sharp sense of what’s unnecessary. Together, we’ll create communications that hit the mark first time, every time.



Clear and effective business writing doesn’t mean simple, dumbed-down or boring.

Instead, it means talking directly to your reader. Answer the questions they have. See it through their eyes. That’s how you build a relationship.

I’ll help you get clarity and direct engagement into your communications. With a clear brief and the right questions answered, I’ll find the words to make even the most sophisticated products seem obvious.

  • Web copy
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Annual reports
  • Brand guidelines
  • Customer letters and literature
  • Internal comms
  • Letters


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Language matters to your brand. It’s how people hear you, and it’s how they hear your competitors.

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to look at it all and improve things. I can audit the way your organisation sounds – from the narrowest, campaign-specific audit to a pulse of your whole business’ way of speaking. And I can use that invstigation to give you clear, usable brand tone of voice guidance.

  • Language audits
  • Competitor audits
  • Tone of voice and brand voice development


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About Pete

When I discovered copywriting I was all at sea. Literally.

I was in a sea kayak, a mile or so offshore from the North Wales coastline on a trip to a rocky, exposed seal colony. Bad weather. Wind against tide. That sort of thing. And that was when the friend I was paddling with suggested a career change.

It captured my imagination, so I put my first-class English degree to use and started building a portfolio and meeting clients. I started with small businesses in Nottingham, rewriting all sorts. Boring brochures. Forgettable fliers. Wooly websites. I’ve tackled them all.

Since then, more and more businesses have been getting to grips with the language they use, discovering that their language has a fundamental effect on their relationship with their customers. I’ve been at the forefront of the tone of voice revolution, working with all sorts of clients. East Midlands spring factories and skyscrapers in the square mile. Pressure-cooker ad agencies and mountain bike centres in the woods in Wales. Even a company specialising in high-end wooden sex toys.


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